Project Objective


The Intelligent Center for Health Industry Technology Development and Professional Cultivation Project aims to integrate interdisciplinary “5+2 Innovative Industry” policies promoted by the Executive Yuan, including fields such as “Asia—Sillicon Valley,” “Bio-Technology and Pharmaceuticals,” “Food Safety” and “Digital Infrastructure.” Another aim of the project is to realize the university’s educational philosophy and educational objective of “LOHAS Innovative Service.”






The Intelligent Center of Health Industry Technology Development and Professional Cultivation proposes to integrate three major driving factors—devices, data platforms, and offline value-added services—with data as the overall goal for leading the center’s technological R&D and industry promotion. The overall goal includes the following tasks:


  1. Developing information sensing devices and simple scales for assessing physiological parameters
  2. Establishing software interfaces for information collection and transmission
  3. Building digital platforms for information analysis and adding value; developing Big Data meta-analysis technology
  4. Developing and providing a series of off line healthcare and value-added service modules


We hope to recruit high-end R&D talent to develop the three principal keys of technological R&D for the intelligent health industry. The three aspects include "physiological sensing and extraction technology," "intelligent health cloud platform" and "offline healthcare and value-added services." Through the combination of various driving factors such as the results of physical physiology monitoring and a system platform with simple interface design, we hope we can respond to modern social trends and market demand in order to provide more practical value-added services, including recreational activities that delay dementia and disability, development of self-care, anti-ageing and beauty products, and healthy and balanced diet. We have signed relevant contracts with the government and industry businesses to integrate the university's curricula and the innovative technologies developed by the university for the development of suitable intelligent health technology and service products, and for the cultivation of professionals in related fields.


Intelligent Center for Health Industry Technology Development and Professional Cultivation
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