The work of the Center mainly includes:

(1) Intelligent Health Service Technology R&D

  1. Combining healthcare and information communication technology to develop new technologies for home-based integrated remote healthcare services.
  2. Intelligent health and lifestyle-related issues: establishing a healthy home care environment focused on healthcare for the elderly.
  3. Service innovation and "ICT value-added innovation,” from the development of physiological parameter assessment, wireless transmission, to the combined physiological assessment information platform.
  4. Using mobile technology and cloud computing to develop health science and achieve healthy life.


(2) Development of intelligent health service application systems

  1. Developing a community health management service system and establishing a personalized health management service model by promoting health management of community residents as the target for service development.
  2. Developing an enterprise health management service system and establishing a B2B2C personalized health management service.
  3. Developing a holistic health service application system, extending from health management service providers to health-related service organizations such as food, tourism, sports and physical examination.


(3) Applied research on the value-added intelligent health service database

  1. Integrating the university’s health data analysis and research on value-added services to contribute to the industry.
  2. Conducting educational training to promote health data analysis and value-added activities.
  3. Cultivating health data analysis and research talent.
  4. Providing health data analysis and consultation.


(4) Cultivation of professionals in the intelligent health service industry

  1. Launching an "Intelligent Health Service Talent Training Course" to provide practical experience and professional knowledge on health management, medical institutions, institutional care, community care, home care, health care, recreation and tourism for cultivating quality talent.
  2. Inviting discussion and advice from the industry on students' creative ideas; all research topics in students’ practical studies are real problems faced by the industry so that students from different departments can find solutions together.


(5) Research and promotion of viable business models for intelligent health services

  1. Combining the ICT industry and health service issues to conduct industry-academia cooperation and using high-tech communication services to improve citizens’ health quality.
  2. Integrating the university's care resources for the elderly, setting up inter-disciplinary teams of three to five members for different projects to assist companies interested in the elderly care industry in using the power of inter-disciplinary expertise to drive a multifaceted industrial upgrade in the overall elderly welfare industry, such as the medical industry, the home care entertainment industry, and the information industry.
  3. Cultivating entrepreneurial teams in the health industry and enhancing students' professional and innovative skills, stimulating creative potential, developing creative applications related to the health industry and enhancing entrepreneurship.



Intelligent Center for Health Industry Technology Development and Professional Cultivation
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